Tips For Home Security

Our homes are our castles.  When our castles are breached by break-ins and other damage our sense of security is shattered.  In some cases our doors are kicked in preventing them from being closed.  When this happens it is important to get them repaired as quickly as possible to ensure that intruders can’t enter your home.  Finding a 24 hr emergency door service in your area will be what is needed to feel secure again.


Lights are a huge distractor when it comes to crime.  Many criminals want to stay in the shadows and if there are lights shining on the area they will think twice about breaking into your home.


24 hr emergency door service

Cameras are a common component to safety in today’s world.  When we install cameras, we can have night vision capabilities that will see what goes on at night.  We also have the ability to have motion-controlled cameras and cameras that will automatically upload the video to a web site or even YouTube.

Document everything

It is important that you document all of your valuables and non-valuables.  Taking photos, writing down serial numbers and doing videos of you using the items will help in identifying stolen items.  This information can also be used for your insurance claims. 

Don’t discuss your business on social media

Sites like Facebook and Twitter can be great places to connect with friends and family.  However, if you are trying to do harm or pan something illegal you can use it to find out who your next victim can be.  Using keywords and combinations of words can return results that if studied correctly can give criminals clues as to when you will be gone, what valuables you have and much more.

Have check-ins

Finally, you want to have friends and family check in on you regularly.  If you are going to be gone or if something is going to change in your life, make sure that people you trust know what is going on.  Combining all of these elements can help increase your safety over time.